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Cosmetic Gynecology Hyderabad - Vagina Tightening
Cosmetic Gynecology
Cosmetic Gynecology Hyderabad

Cosmetic Gynecology

Cosmetic Gynecology refers to aesthetic surgical corrections and enhancement of the genital structures including the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood, mons pubis, perineum, vulva, vagina, hymen and abdomen.


Labiaplasty is the most common cosmetic gynecological procedure. It involves the removal of a portion of the hypertrophied labia minora and the occasionally enlarged and redundant labia majora. The reasons for patients requesting labia reduction surgery are mostly aesthetic in 87% of cases, discomfort in clothing (64%), discomfort in sports (26%), and entry dyspareunia (43%).


On the other hand, pelvic support defects such as cystocele, urethrocele, rectocele, enterocele and uterine prolapse are pathophysiologic changes in the muscular and fascial structures impacting the patient’s quality of life. The major cause of pelvic floor defects are childbirth, chronic coughing, heavy lifting or just inherent connective-tissue weakness and aging.


Vaginoplasty and perineoplasty are the most common procedures for treating pelvic floor defects. A study of female genital plastic surgery showed the enhancement of self-esteem and functional
improvement after cosmetic gynecological procedures.
Complications were minimal and relatively short-lived,
with a 91.2% overall satisfaction rate. Enhancement of sexual pleasure was noted in 92.8% of women and 82.2% of their partners.


Vaginal looseness, or decreased sensation with sex, is a common complaint in many sexually active women. Often, but not always, this may occur as a result of vaginal deliveries or from having had large sized partners. Although the change in sexual pleasure may be subtle in some cases, it may be drastic in others to the point of significantly affecting personal relationships and/or marriages. Some women may also experience involuntary loss of urine during exercise, laughing, coughing, and even during sex – this is referred to as stress urinary incontinence. These changes may cause individuals to feel self-conscious and inhibit them from enjoying sex or engaging in sexual activity altogether.


Until recently, the only options have been Kegel exercises or surgery. Although Kegels are important to strengthen the pelvic floor they are often insufficient. Surgery in the form of a Vaginoplasty to tighten the vagina, or a mid-urethral sling to support the urethra to control leakage, are good options. With advances in technology, there are some additional and exciting options available at YOUNIQ PLASTIC SURGERY.

Is a labiaplasty right for me?

If you have long labia and experience daily discomfort when participating in physical activities, such as biking or wearing tight fitting pants, a labiaplasty may be right for you. A labiaplasty procedure can dramatically decrease chafing and improve comfort. We can help you determine if a labiaplasty would suit your needs during your personal consultation. Dr. Thanuja Mannava is a renowned expert in labiaplasty and had performed many such surgeries.

You can relax knowing that Dr. Thanuja Mannava is a pioneer in plastic surgery. During your personal consultation, she will draw upon her expertise and advanced training to help you choose the ideal treatment or combination of treatments to achieve your unique goals.

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