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Laser Hair Removal
laser hair removal before after
laser hair removal before after
laser hair removal before after
laser hair treatment hyderabad

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a procedure for permanent hair removal all over the body by using laser technology to target the root of the hair, killing the follicle and permanently stopping hair growth. Its a time saving, noninvasive procedure to permanently reduce or eliminate unwanted facial or body hair. The hair is removed by use of collimated light beams. The light beam is aimed at the hair follicle and absorbed by the pigment, which in turn damages the hair follicle, eliminating further hair growth. It leaves the skin feeling smoother and silkier than waxing or shaving and is a gentle yet effective technique that can treat larger areas with minimal discomfort and no downtime.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
Target Areas

The exact area you want to remove hair from can be targeted precisely, leaving the surrounding skin untouched.

Time Saving

The laser can treat an area of the skin roughly equal to the size of a quarter in just a single second. Therefore, it is highly time-saving.


After approximately three to four laser hair removal sessions, you may even lose unwanted hair permanently.

Treatment Areas

Laser hair removal treatment can be done on more areas of the body than any other hair removal method. Some of the most popular areas are under arms, bikini area, legs and face.

Faster Process

Laser removal is quicker and more efficient than other types of hair removal. Other options for permanent hair removal and reduction, such as electrolysis, are far more time-consuming.

Consistent and Effective

Laser treatments are consistently effective & safe, leaving no sign of hair for several weeks after the procedure. Patient do not get bumps or ingrown hairs when getting treated by a laser.

Permanent Hair Removal Options

Laser hair removal has proven to provide permanent hair removal. This does depend on the patient and the changes they may go through with hormones.


What to expect during Laser Hair Removal


At YOUNIQ, Laser hair removal is a noninvasive procedure; therefore it is performed on an outpatient basis. A topical numbing cream may be applied before treatment, and skin cooling during the procedure will help keep you comfortable. Patients may feel a slight stinging sensation during the procedure. Most laser hair removal procedures take about twenty to thirty minutes; however, a longer time period may be required, depending on the size of the area being treated.


Risks and Results


There are virtually no risks involved in laser hair removal, minus some slight discomfort or redness during and after the procedure, which begins to subside almost immediately.


For humans, hair remains important only from an aesthetic point of view. For biological and health reasons, we can only see them as a memento from the times of evolution, but there are parts of the body whose hair can only cause a feeling of discomfort or even annoyance with regular removal.


Thanks to modern technology, we can have one problem less to deal with, the solution is simply laser hair removal YOUNIQ offers the treatment, but why is it worth choosing our office? We offer safe and professional treatment, and we also provide the highest standard of service. Getting rid of hair from important places for a long time never seemed so close at hand.

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